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The rGO/sulfur composite cathode prepared on a lab scale, using supercritical CO2 assisted impregnation, showed an initial discharge capacity of 1024 mAh/g at 0.1C rate.T he developed cells showed excellent performance (929 mAh/g at 1 C rate) with an ultralow decay of 0.04% per cycle even after 200 charge-discharge cycles. 

Polymer processing and application are only possible if additives are used. Some of these additives, for example phenolic antioxidants  raised concerns about the possible environmental and health hazard of their reaction products and most of the related questions have not been answered yet. Natural antioxidants from pomegranate processing byproduct is a promising alternative for specialized products. 

Cotton and starch chitosan polymer films impregnated with lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) extracts using supercritical carbon dioxide well-inhibited bovine herpesvirus.

A detailed experimental study, CO2 and CO2 + ethanol. Parameter optimization and excellent results. 

What else is more environmentally friendly, supporting the circular economy and giving the promise of a business application as well than producing a highly valuable product from a sidestream of a plant harvested for other purposes?

CBD is a very fancy component in recent years with enormous market value, and it can be extracted from the trashing residue (waste) of hemp harvested for kernel or fiber. If you are interested, read our related paper!

Aerogel research is always exciting because you only get a good aerogel if you use supercritical fluid extraction. 


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