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This 3-days event will bring together the members of the supercritical community for an in-person meeting in scenic Budapest. We aim for a conference to meet your old friends and gather new ones, gain new ideas and find new platforms of cooperation within industry and academia. The theme of the conference is “Supercritical fluids for the European Green Deal”, with discussion topics including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Fluid properties, phase equilibria, thermodynamics, heat transfer, etc.
  • Energetic applications
  • Safe and sustainable by design (SSbD), reactions, green chemistry
  • Nature-based solutions (NBS), biomass utilization
  • Application-oriented (e.g. food, natural health, pharmaceutical, medical) research
  • Extra high pressure (over 50 MPa)
  • Novel materials, particle formation and nanotechnology
  • Waste valorization and recycling, including polymers
  • Membranes and analytical techniques
  • Technology, process intensification, scale up
  • Regulation, policy and funding


Contact: emsf2023@vbk.bme.hu


Location: Budapest University of Technology and Economics,
Main building, Műegyetem rkp 3., Budapest, Hungary

Date: May 21-24, 2023

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