Development of a two-step process, which consists of an initial hydro-alcoholic solvent extraction followed by supercritical fluid extraction, which is able to extract and separate both polar and non-polar active constituents of the plant material.

Two plant materials will be investigated.

Tasks and methodology:

  • Laboratory scale extractions with ethyl alcohol, water and carbon dioxide and optimisation of process parameters by experimental design.
  • Scale up of optimized process to pilot scale.
  • Development and / or implementation of comprehensive analytical methods for characterization of the different fractions.
  • Description of extraction process by simple mathematical models.

Results: plant 1 and plant 2 separately in each cases

  • best available drug raw materials selected
  • optimal conditions of laboratory scale solvent extractions (plant 1 and plant 2) determined
  • scale up of process to pilot scale
  • mathematical description of the processes and critical evaluation of results


Planned secondment: Ruhr University of Bochum: 5 months, encapsulation of active compounds

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