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Erika Vági
assistant professor
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Miscellaneous Information:

My main research interests are any kind of extraction methods and processes of value-added compounds or constituents obtained from medicinal plants, agro-food feed materials and by-products, cosmetic base materials and nutraceuticals. Obtaining these high valued bioactives such as antioxidants, natural pigments and preservatives (antimicrobial compounds), environmentally accepted technology can be used such as the supercritical carbon dioxide extraction and / or supercritical antisolvent fractionation. The extracts are compared with others obtained by traditional solvent extraction and steam/hydro-distillation. The main active compounds are identified and quantified by spectophotometry, while their antioxidant activities can be evaluated either in hydrophyll and lipophyll mediums. Lately my research interest focuses on obtaining high valued products from agro-food wastes and by-products. 

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